Hydrogeological Survey

Our team consist of qualified and registered personnel of hydrogeologists who undertake first phase of borehole development in order to understand the stratigraphy of the underlying aquifers, optimize the drill depths and prospect the presence of water and the anticipated yield of water within the project site. This is succeeded by documentation of the findings in a report that is later submitted to The Water Resources Authority for approval and issuance of an authorization permit  for the borehole drilling to take place.

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Borehole Drilling

Borehole drilling takes many facets depending on the results of the hydrogeological survey. The machinery and techniques to advance a borehole vary considerably according to manufacturer, geological conditions, and the intended purpose. Typically, a drilling may take two to five days depending on the type of formations encountered and the depth below ground level. Drilling involves casing of the borehole and adding the gravel pack. This is followed by borehole development which is basically cleaning of the borehole.

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Test Pumping

Borehole test pumping is done to establish the yield (volume of water discharged from a well) and the long term sustainability of the facility through other aquifer (A geological formation or structure, which stores and transmits water and which is able to supply water to wells, boreholes or springs) characteristics. Water samples are taken for water quality analysis.

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Water Quality Analysis

We carry out full Chemical, Bacteriological and Wastewater analysis. We provide interpretation of water quality results to clients and advice on water quality issues. We advise clients to contact us before taking water samples for analysis to get tips on appropriate sampling methods so as to avoid contamination of samples. Analysis is conducted on the water to assess the contents of the water.

The analysis gives an indication of the suitability to use the water. Some of our boreholes have had such pure contents that the water has been bottled for sale while numerous other boreholes are used for domestic purposes, construction or commercial purposes. Our detailed water analysis is an assessment to ensure that our customers have the right quality and quantity of water to serve their needs. Water quality analysis is performed to find out the suitability of the water for the intended purpose.

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Borehole Equipping

Equipping of the borehole with an electric pump is done. The pump is connected to an electric system which is operated from the control panel at the surface. Depending on the client preferences and in situ conditions, either a solar or a three phase powered pump is installed. Borehole also include building of an elevated tank where water is pumped temporary before it is directed to consumer lines.

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Borehole Rehabilitation

Borehole rehabilitation service comprises of all measures that are undertaken to restore the functionality of a borehole, and generally consists of various treatments or redevelopment methods. We tailor our treatment selected method to the problem, the borehole construction details and aquifer type. Rehabilitation is performed when the well has deteriorated to the point where preventative maintenance procedures no longer resolve performance issues. Rehabilitation procedures are generally initiated when the well performance has declined by about 25 per cent, which points to the importance of collecting initial baseline performance data.

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